I Am Writing!


I promise I am, just nothing worth posting about.

Right now I’m working on a science fiction story that deals with the world ending (of course), a new world beginning and a woman finding out who she really is. I haven’t titled it yet, the title hasn’t came to me yet.

I’ve came up with several story ideas so I’ve got plenty to work with. It’s just getting motivated to work on something. School is back in session and it’s starting to get busy.

I hope to have something to post with in the next month. But I don’t want to start posting again until I’ve completed a project and started on another one.

Thanks to everyone who is still out there reading my stuff and favoring me on FictionPress. I’m still alive guys and I want to get some stuff out to you as soon as possible.


Library Trip


Yesterday I went to the library, because I was confused. I could have sworn that I had been to one of the branches on a Sunday. But their website said they were closed on Sundays. So we went out there…and they were so opened. I told the librarian that they might want to change that, sure their regulars would know that they are opened on Sundays but what about the new people. He kind of brushed me, but he was also the only one on the desk at the time. So more than likely he was just frazzeled. I got a handful of books, and then I realized that I had meant to do a post about the books I got but I forgot so I’m going to do that now…for both trips.

12.05 Trip

  • Manga mania romance: drawing shojo girls and bishie boys by Chris Hart: I’ve finally got the space and time to spread out and spend on my drawing. I’m a pretty okay landscape and still life artist. My human drawings are another story, so I’ve been looking for art how to books. I’ve bought a couple of them just to have a section of them in my personal collection for reference but I would like more to get them from the library so I can try them out before committing to them.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court by Thomas Siddell: I picked this one up cause it looked interesting.
  • Frost Bite by Charles Ogden: This is the second series of a series I started a while back. This is actually the second book. For some reason when I go the library I can never find the first book of a series.
  • Split Ends by Charles Ogden: Book three of the series
  • Fat, Broke & Lonely by Victoria Moran: Another book that looked interesting.
  • A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do: the ultimate guide to living safe and smart by Kathleen Baty: a girl can never be to safe…
  • Student’s go vegan cookbook by Carole Raymond: I’m still trying to have a mainly non-meat diet…so any ideas are welcomed.
  • Teens cook: How to make what you want by Megan & Jill Carle: Just curious with this one.

12.13 Trip

  • Witchcatcher by Mary Downing Hann: I was looking for new series sooooo yeah, and it was the first of something.
  • The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney: Again another first in a series that looked interesting…I don’t know why I was in a witchy mood.
  • The sisters grimm- The fairytale detectives by Michael Buckley: I’ve been really wanting to start this series…glad I found the first one.
  • Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams: another long awaited series
  • Deeper by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams: book two of the series
  • Creepy Cute Crochet: I wanna learn how to crochet…why not start with cute little stuff items.

And that’s what I got on my library trip.

I’m going to change-up the format of my reviews…just a little forewarning.

Summary: Gunnerkrigg Court starts with an introduction to the main character, Antimony Carver. Antimony has just started her first year of classes at a boarding school somewhere in Britain, Gunnerkrigg Court. She spent of her young life living in the hospital with her mother, who became deathly sick after giving birth to her. Before she passed away she told Antimony that she wanted her to go to Gunnerkrigg Court. In her first couple of weeks Antimony meets a shadow entity, and a friend Katerina. She builds a robot that is later destroyed, she’s almost killed by a body snatching demon. And learns that there’s more going on at her school than just teaching.

My thoughts: I think this graphic novel shows its roots. It started off as a web comic that was published in graphic novel form. I am most glad that I got it from the library and didn’t buy it. One of the biggest problems I have is that the book is obviously meant to be part of a series, and when you do that you still should have books that could stand on their own. Meaning the book should be a complete story, beginning, middle, and end. This story reads like a beginning of a really long story. It’s just a huge book of loose ties, non ending story lines and a mash-up of ideas. Honestly each chapter reads like it was a plot summation for a longer story. If the writer would have focus on one storyline in this book then I would appreciate it much better. Like I said it shows its roots, as a web comic that was probably not planned out completely. These plot issues would have been shown if the story had been thought about ahead. And it also shows that they just gathered a number of chapters and then published them as a book.

All that being said, it’s still a nice read. I read it in one night, mainly because I wanted to know if some of the loose ends would be address. I think once the series is completed It might be a better read. The drawing style is different and unique. The main character lacks a bit of personality and overall the fact that none of the characters seem to be unnerve by the strange going ons in the school seem unbelievable.

Recommendations: I personally don’t think I can recommend this read as is. Like I said once this writer has completed the series, and gone through some edits, I think this would be an excellent read. However, if you like books that don’t have a concise storyline and large gaps in the plot then go for it I say.

Rating: 5 out of 10

  • Confusing storyline
  • Plot holes
  • Unbelievable characters/ character interactions
  • Decent illustrations

The story is still being updated, and you can even see the whole book and what has been added to it at: http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/

Epic Failure


Yeah I so failed the Nanoness this year. I barley made it to 5000 words. School got the better of me and then I had to deal with my Grandma passing early in the month. I just didn’t have the motivation and energy to actually try this year. But there is always next year.

Classes are finally over for the next month and half, so look for some writings from me. I’m not sure what but I know that I’m going to be writing and reading.

I just made a trip to the public library. I was able to get 8 books before my arms gave out on me. So good times are to be had. In fact I’m going to go start a new graphic novel right now and wait for my baby to get home from work. Laters!

I keep trying to work on that Nano story but it’s just not happening. I don’t know I was so excited to start writing again. But I haven’t been in the mood lately. I’m not sure if it’s just be one hell of a semester or if I just haven’t been able to think.

I’ve got people telling me just to write but it’s just not coming through. I’m trying to just write a few words every day if I can.

Now I have to crack down on my school work, three papers due back to back. I’m so ready for December 9th to be here.

So yet again the Angel of Death has visited my family. This time he took my Grandma, my mom’s mom. I must say I’m handling this way better then I did my dad. A few tears this morning when I was telling my friend that she had passed. She died of natural causes. We think she knew the end was coming, she had recently been talking about grave plots and insurance things these last few months.

We also think she was sicker than she was letting on and that she just didn’t want to tell anyone to burden them. We’ll never know for sure. The funeral is going to be sometime next week.

Now I’ve got two guardian angels looking after me.

And I’m so far behind…gah! I have no one to blame but myself. I have started, in fact the first day started off really well I got over the recommended daily goal. But then the second day came and I had to go to class and I just got sidetracked. And then yesterday I got my first shipment of Netflix videos and I just had to watch them. I’m on a two week trail so I have to send those back to determine if I get the other videos fast enough to warrant me getting the service. I promise this weekend I’m going to sit down and write like there’s no time left. I just have to do it.

So far the plot stinks, the characters are defined and the conflict is lost. But hey I never promised myself it was going to be a good story. Just something I can work on in December to make it better. If it works out like I hope than I might try doing this more often. Taking a month to write a story and then working on it for a month.

I did decide to go with Snow Black and I’ve got a short description up on my NaNo profile. Right now I’ve got to do some boring things…like go grocery shopping. Then I’m coming back and I’m going to do some writing. Might not be a lot but it will be something, gosh darn it.


One week before NaNo starts…seven days…168 hours (give or take)…jeez where did October go? I’ve got to get cracking. Let’s see I did change stories. My new story is based on the Snow White fairy tale, sort of. It’s because they’ve been playing those stupid commercials about the remastering of the Disney version, and so of course I can’t get them out of my head. The thing is I don’t actually like Disney’s Snow White. I have nothing against the story in general other than it’s not a very interesting story. I know there will be tons of people out there ready to disagree with me but I don’t care that’s how i feel so =P.

The basics of my story is that there is an old woman who recently lost her grandson to suicide. She blames his old girlfriend and the man who got him fired. She plans on avenging his death by evoking dark powers, she poisons the girlfriend and leaves her in the man’s office in order to set him up. But a janitor finds her and manages to successively revive her. That’s when the man comes back to his office. The woman doesn’t remember anything and now fears for her life. Annnnnddd that’s all you get XD. Right now I’m calling is Snow Black but I will most likely change it.

I’m really excited about the story and ready to get started. I’ve set up a makeshift desk in the corner of my bedroom. I’ve still got to work on my scheduling of time spent. I’m going to do that tonight. I have this major research paper due towards the end of November. It’s going to involve me observing people so I have to make sure I work in enough time to do that.

Well I’ve got to do some cleaning, talk to you another time.


It’s official


I’m changing stories. I can’t help it I just am. I’m just not ready to work on Mistaken Identity. In fact I’m just gonna wing it. Well sort of. I know the general idea of what I want to work on. I’m just not gonna do any planning out cause then I’ll get bogged down and that’s bad. I want it to flow naturally I work better when I just write. That’s normally how I can get through a one shot in a weekend. Since this is going to be a non-stop marathon, I just don’t know how to go about do this.

I don’t know how this is all going to play out. I went through my writing series and while they are good tips. They aren’t for quick planning, they are meant to help those who are doing so long term planning. Maybe those who are stuck mid writing. This is going to be a good experience for the series. I just need to get back into the grove of writing.

Maybe I’ll start on the writing series.

I haven’t written in a long time that I think I might be rusty. I just can’t seem to commit. I wanted to finish some writing things before the beginning of November. But I haven’t even looked at that stuff. I’m on fall break this week so maybe something will happen. I’ve been thinking about Mistaken Identity for my NaNo novel, and there might be a bit of a problem. I just think it will be the best choice to for a full length novel. The more I think about the story the more I worry that there’s just not enough conflict to carry it. And if I try to force it, it’ll become another DYTCiYC. And I’ll give up on it halfway through.

But if I change stories I’ll have to redo all the planning that I’ve done so far. The character interviews, the setting researching, the brainstorming, all that would have to be done again. Granted I still plan on writing Mistaken Identity at another time.So it’s not in vain, but the time wasted is huge. I still have three weeks before November gets here, but I’ve got some projects due in that time.

I guess I need to do some more thinking about it. Work on the plot some. There are other things I can do before November. Like work on my writing play list. I use to just have a series of movies I would watch while writing, or if there was a marathon of a favorite tv show I would watch that. Anything that I’ve seen before so I would be less inclined to get sucked in. I’m going to go for half and half. Also need to figure out where I’m going to do my writing. I don’t have a desk at the moment. I know where I’m going to put it once I have it but I probably wont be getting one until January, maybe I’ll as for one for christmas. I could write at my kitchen table but the chairs aren’t that comfortable. Mainly cause they are folding chairs (pink and black and really cute). Right now I do everything in my bed, its large and comfortable but maybe a bit to comfortable. I haven’t really done much other than write posts and surf the net. It’s not as great for my back. I need to get one of those lap tables or something.

I need to figure out my snacks and my reward. It would have to be cheap and something I really want. Hmm maybe a desk XD! Well I’m gonna go get some Halloween decorations, laters!